Kilian Hunn

Committed to wine since the age of 16. The zeal is still there, and he’s in it with heart and soul, always. His ´domain´ on the estate is the vineyard and the cellar.

The secret of a unique wine is so much more than just meticulous work. It’s humility and love, passion and devotion. It’s alert attention and the constant care for the soil, the vine and the grape“, says Kilian.

KILIAN HUNN is about wines to drink - not just wines that impress at tastings. Of course, first impressions are also important, but we prefer to give more attention and emphasis to the drinkability of our wines, so that it always leaves you wanting another glass.

Martina Hunn

A passionate winemaker. She’s found her starring role in marketing. Once a Weinkönigin, a wine queen of Baden, she now represents the family-owned wine estate at home and abroad. She’s also an active member of VINISSIMA, the German Association for Women in the Wine Business. Be it a wine tasting at the estate, international presentations and sales, or the “Hunne-Strauße“ which is a seasonal wine tavern typical of the region - Martina can handle it. Along the way, she raises her two boys, JONAS & PATRICK, keeping them on track … every now and then she even finds the time to play the trombone in her community band!

Jonas & Patrick Hunn

In 2019 Patrick and Jonas finished their Vintner traineeship, so the Hunn Winery tradition will continue to be passed down even further through the next generations.

Felix Hunn

Father Felix Hunn founded the wine estate and the wine tavern in 1982, together with his wife Gudrun. They showed a loving eye for detail when they furbished the interior with old staves. Felix helps in the vineyards and in the “Strauße“, and in the kitchen he is also responsible for preparing home-made potato salad à la Grandma Hedwig.

Gudrun Hunn

Gudrun is the heart and soul of the estate, helping where ever she can from the housekeeping, the vines, the Strauße, or in the office.

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"Das Geheimnis eines besonderen Weines ist viel mehr als nur sorgfältiges Arbeiten.
Es ist Demut und Liebe, Leidenschaft und Hingabe. Es ist wachsame Aufmerksamkeit und ständiges Bemühen um Boden, Rebstock und Traube."

Kilian Hunn

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