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Noble spirits from the in-house distillery

The fruit for our noble spirits come from our own trees. We harvest them at the moment of optimal ripeness and distil them diligently in our in-house distillery. The Zibarte is our great specialty and also a rarity. It is a wild plum that blooms early and is often susceptible to frost, therefore our yield is often very small. After the long ripening period, which stretches into early November, we can then distil a spirit from the fruit, which has a special aroma reminiscent of wild plum and marzipan.

Our Chardonnay pomace brandy (like grappa or Marc de Chardonnay) is distilled from 100% Chardonnay pomace.

The ever-popular ordinary brandy as well as cherry, mirabelle and pear (Williams Christ) brandies complete our selection.

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