This was the moment we were waiting for. The mercury started falling on Thursday morning and the decision was made to go ahead on Saturday early in the morning with the harvest of grapes for ice wine. Sixteen volunteers got the job done and this year's crop was better than expected.

Making ice wine:  
“We need a two or three day window of minus eight to ten which can be hard to achieve which is part of the risk of doing ice wine”.
Two thirds of the water in the grapes is trapped as ice when temperatures get this cold. When pressed the grapes produce a sweet, syrupy juice, which is made into wine.
This year’s crop will be ready for tasting this time next year.


The harvest was completed on October 18th. Now we are taking care of the young wines. As in the years before, we are ementioned in the wine guide Eichelmann and, in the second year now, also in the Gault&Millau. At the international wine competition AWC Vienna we were awarded:

Gold Weißburgunder feinherb
Silver Weißburgunder trocken
  Sauvignon Blanc
  Spätburgunder trocken
  Spätburgunder halbtrocken
  Spätburgunder Selection


In the cellar, the scent of fermenting must. CO2 (carbonic acid, a product of fermentation) is released from the barrique barrel through the fermentation lock. At the moment our Selection-Wines are fermenting in our new oak barrels: Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. Our vintage ended with a fantastic must weight of 101° Oechsle for our Pinot Gris Selection, a result which makes us genuinely happy. It was well worth the enormous additional work that comes with defoliation and grape thinning and the long wait for the best moment to harvest. We were able to pick the fully ripe grapes under the October sun, and now we are looking forward to our first young wines.

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